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Patrick Hilario

“From high school science teacher to full-time real estate investor, Patrick has been able to replace his quarterly teaching salary just in one month of real estate investing. Patrick’s journey of five years has resulted in the development of current, proven strategies to the ever-changing real estate industry that, when implemented, are life-changing.”


 “Patrick has been consistently raising capital in securing real estate deals which has allowed him to close on multiple millions in real estate properties at the age of 27. Now, investing in real estate and coaching nearly 100 students, Patrick has helped aspiring real estate investors build their own businesses as they scale toward financial freedom.”


 “Patrick has a passion for real estate, raising capital and helping his students reach levels they never thought possible. Patrick takes great pride knowing that his expertise that he shares with others are up-to-date and being used by his team every day.”

Fionna Gaburno

“Having partnered with businesses from the bottom up for over three years, Fionna has worked and developed every department imaginable while working side by side with Patrick Hilario building a successful company.”


“From her first exponential growing year in Hilario Holdings and still today, Fionna has truly enjoyed developing and perfecting highly productive systems for the team and coaching company. Fionna is the executive assistant for Hilario Holdings and partner for recruiting aspiring real estate investors with Patrick. She is committed and passionate about other real estate investors growing and developing their businesses.”

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